Downbursts In St Augustine

05/23 Looking for s/v Trouble Update: I pulled into St Augustine, got fuel, and just tied up to my mooring when a big thunderstorm hit. Lots of strong wind and rain, but it lasted only a few minutes. It reminded me of the big downbursts we get in Minnesota right before a thunderstorm. I spent a little over a week in St Augustine. I caught up with old college friends and did some boat chores. I’m on the move again and am in Cumberland on the St Mary’s River. Tomorrow I’ll do an overnight to Charleston. I hope to get to Cape Lookout by the end of the week. I spent the whole winter in the Bahamas and had very few boat issues. It seems now as I’m finishing up the season stuff is breaking. So I guess that’s good, she just needs to hold together a little longer till I get her hauled out.