Wintering In The Raggeds

Thompson Bay, Long Island, BS — 01•24•23

After provisioning at Salt Pond Long Island, I was back off to the Raggeds. It was a calm morning pulling up the anchor in Thomson Bay and I’d be motoring in glass calm seas for the first few hours.

Later in the day the wind picked up and I was able to pull out the screecher sail. It was a calm sail to Flamingo Cay, which was the first stop of the trip back to the Raggeds.

Screecher Up
Smooth Sailing to Flamingo Cay with the screecher

As I was headed into Flamingo Cay I passed a fellow Catana Owner going in the opposite direction so we sailed close to each other to swap photos.

Crazy Love - Catana 42
Crazy Love – Catana 42
Trouble with screecher up - photo by Terri & Norman on Crazy Love
Trouble with screecher up – photo by Terri & Norman on Crazy Love

1640 (4:40 pm) anchor down Flamingo Cay ( pronounced “Key” ). I’d hang out here for a few days waiting for better wind to move down the chain.

Sunset Flamingo Cay
Sunset Flamingo Cay

Flamingo Cay, Jumentos — 01•27•23

Anchor up at 0720. The destination today is Nurse Cay. The chain of islands headed to Ragged Island is called the Jumentos Cays. All of the Jumentos is raw and mostly uninhabited till Ragged Island at the end of the chain. You have no cell service or provisioning in all of the Northern Jumentos.

All I've caught this year isBarracuda
All I’ve caught this year is Barracuda

Dragging a fishing line behind the boat hoping to catch a nice Mahi Mahi, all I seem to hook are Baracuda this season.

1200 anchor down at Nurse Cay. I’ve passed this anchorage before but never stopped.

Nurse Cay Jumentos
Trouble At Nurse Cay Jumentos

Nurse Cay, Jumentos — 01•28•23

0705 anchor up. We are headed to Hog Cay, which is what I’ve deemed my “Wintering” spot. I tend to anchor one bay over (Bluff Cove) from the other hardy cruisers who have also deemed this their wintering spot. With spotty provisioning on Ragged Island next door, or having to coordinate deliveries on the mail boat from Nassau, it’s not for the average cruiser hoping to find some facilities. You have to be fully self-sufficient while down here.

With a fast reach down to Hog Cay I had the anchor down at 0930 ( 9:30 am ).

I’d spend a few days here, but I really wanted to get some pole spearfishing/lobstering in. It seemed that this year they were a bit more difficult to find. Rumor was that some fishing boats from Nassau had come down earlier in the year and cleaned most of the area out.

Nurse Cay
Nurse Cay