Start of Season 4 In The Bahamas

East River Mathews, VA — 08•31•23

We left off last time, going back in the water for the start of a new season. Trouble still had a few small things on her list to get done for the season. I hung out in East River, waiting for good weather to head to Annapolis.

Trouble on East River with her new livery
Trouble on East River with her new livery.

Chesapeake Bay — 09•05•23

0900 — Anchor up and off to Deltaville, approximately 31 nautical miles (35.6 statute miles). After clearing the river I put up the sails and had pleasant sail up to Deltaville. Instead of going in to the inlet to Deltaville. I decided to anchor in Godfrey Bay so I could have a quick exit the next morning. I had never anchored here before. The holding wasn’t the best and I reset the anchor to get a better bite. No big winds or storms were expected overnight so settled in for a quiet evening.

Godfrey Bay (Deltaville) — 09•06•23

Early Morning Departure From Deltaville
Early Morning Departure From Deltaville.

0600—Engines on, anchor coming up. Today, we are headed to Solomon’s Island—60nm. The winds were a little light, so I motor-sailed on and off throughout the day. sv Norhi, a Blanace 526, which was next to Trouble at Zimmerman’s, motored past me, and we exchanged photos of each other. They were on a fast track to get new sails in Annapolis.

sv Norhi throttles to the wall passing me

A short video of Trouble on the Chesapeake. video by sv Norhi

1540 — Anchor down in Solomon’s. I anchored in a different spot, this time up St. Johns Creek.

Solomon’s Island — 09•07•23

With no rush to get to Annoplis, I decided I’d try a new anchoring spot just a bit south of Annapolis. Harness Creek off of South River was the destination for today, about 43nm.

Early Morning Departure Out of the Patuxent River.

1345 — I anchored down in Harness Creek next to Quiet Waters Park. It felt like a tight anchorage, but I wanted to hone my anchoring skills in tight places like this. It was a very quiet night with little wind, so I had no worries about bumping into anything.

Back Creek Annapolis — 09•08•23

We pulled anchor and made the short hop over to Annapolis. I lucked out and picked up a ball in Back Creek. There was a new dock nearby and Trouble seemed to swing close to it, but only in the non prevailing winds.

This was a comfortable spot for me as I spent the next couple of months prepping and provisioning Trouble for the Season.

Cover Photo—Trouble’s New Livery in East River