Shucking Oysters While Dodging Hurricanes

Charleston, SC — 11•05•22

My crew had left and I had to decide on what my plan would be for the building weather front. The Charleston Marine Center would be a poor choice to hold out in the coming weather front. Also, I had to be out of my slip right when the worst of the weather would hit Charleston.

Cruise Liner Docking
Woke to some noise and found this mammoth Cruise Liner docking next to us.

I thought I could make a mad dash to St Augustine and called the city marina to see if I could get in early and weather the blow there. They said they were booked. This turned out to be a godsend!

After messaging Cass on E Sea Ryder, I decided to join her in Beaufort, SC. Beaufort was quite a bit inland up the river. I elected to come in the “Back Way” to bypass a bridge that might be too low for Trouble to get under.

Hurricane Nicole Headed My Way

Navigating the tides and currents in Charleston is not to be taken lightly. I wanted to leave Charleston on the outgoing tide which was early in the morning, so Trouble left the marina a day early and anchored out by the Aircraft carrier, and got I to bed early, for my middle-of-the-night departure.

The alarm went off at 0150 ( 1:50 am ) and I got Trouble underway to Beaufort, SC. I set my clocks for Daylight Savings ending and navigated out of the harbor. After clearing the harbor I got the sails up. I wanted to be in St Helena Sound with an incoming tide so as to not fight the currents too much.

Hurricane Nicole
Hurricane Nicole covered almost all of Florida.

NOAA declare Nicole a Force 1 Hurricane as it hit Florida and then raced up Georga and the Carolinas. This system was huge and even though it was only a Cat 1 Hurricane that was more wind than I wanted to deal with. Being in Beaufort, SC would be a great place to weather the blow. By the time it got that far inland it would diminish into a tropical storm. I had a couple of days before it would get to me.

The trip up the river from St Helena Sound was a long curvey route that I did under power. It was nice to have oversized engines in Trouble as she managed the currents without issue.

Beaufort, SC — 11•07•22

1430 ( 2:30 pm ) I picked up a mooring at the Safe Harbor Beaufort Marina. E Sea Ryder was there and helped me with the mooring. After I got settled and had a nap, I headed over to E Sea Ryder for cocktails. It was a huge relief to be secure for the unknown coming our way.

Beaufort, SC City Marina
Beaufort, SC

Hurricane Nicole was downgraded to a tropical storm before it got to Beaufort and we saw a little wind and a lot of rain. It was a nonevent but it lasted for a few days. I stayed in Beaufort for almost a week, hanging out with E Sea Ryder.

Hilton Head Oyster Fest
I joined E Sea Ryder and crew for a fun day at the Hilton Head Oyster Fest

Friends with boats in the path of Nicole saw winds in excess of 50 knots. St Augustine closed the north mooring field and got hammered pretty badly. I was lucky I stayed where I was and escaped the worst of it.

I’ll drop the mooring here when the weather cooperates, and head to St Augustine, FL.